Case study: Peace of mind for parents with children abroad

Who: Fiona Lindsay and her son, Hamish

Where: UK and Mexico


The situation:

Hamish graduated from university in July 2018. He immediately announced to his mum, Fiona, that he was going to Mexico to further a career in underwater documentary making. In particular he wanted to combine his passions for free-diving and filming sharks while travelling the coasts of the Yucatan peninsula, Baja California and then Costa Rica.

Although hugely supportive of Hamish’s career ambitions, this would be the first time he had spent a prolonged time away from home and Fiona was understandably nervous. Even though her son is responsible and reliable, she was concerned that, like any twenty-something, he might take unnecessary risks and become complacent about his safety. Fiona therefore signed up for a CloseCircle Couples membership so that she could track his progress from afar and more importantly, so that she had the reassurance that trained security experts would be looking out for Hamish, wherever his ambitions took him.


What’s happened so far:

On arrival in Mexico, the CloseCircle service updated Hamish’s location and Fiona was able to see from her laptop in the UK that he had arrived safely at the first stop on his planned itinerary.

Initially Fiona was concerned that Hamish would not respond well to his mum being able to check where he was at any time, but in reality he was very positive about having the app and acknowledged that it was a great comfort to be able to have access to emergency support wherever he might end up.

As Fiona says, “Hamish and I communicate regularly by the usual methods e.g. WhatsApp and FaceTime, but being able to track each other online via CloseCircle somehow brings us into the same timezone and makes the physical distance seem much smaller.”


How CloseCircle is helping:

For Fiona, CloseCircle membership gives her peace of mind that although Hamish is thousands of miles from home, he will be safe in the event of the worst case scenario occurring, whether this be natural disaster, crime or terrorism.

As she says, “Fundamentally, having CloseCircle stops that attendant worry that any parent has when their child first leaves home. It doesn’t feel like I am tracking him, it just makes me feel like I am closer to him and he feels the same. I am so much more relaxed knowing that in the event of something bad happening, he has access to immediate, on-site help. The rest of course, is up to him!”


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