Personal safety: What to consider before you go

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There are 5 main security concerns that travellers to the World Cup in Russia should consider before setting off:1. CRIMINALITY

  • Hooliganism – There is a realistic possibility that during the World Cup large groups of rival supporters may antagonise each other leading to localised violent incidents
  • Petty crime – Street criminals lingering close to sporting venues, fan zones and other major public events may attempt to steal property from those less aware or familiar with their surroundings


  • Protestors – Organised and spontaneous political demonstrations and human rights protests can rapidly degenerate and become dangerous for observers
  • Police response – The Russian security forces’ response to protest action can be swift and uncompromising


  • Terrorist attacks – Radical Islamist militants have issued multiple calls to conduct attacks against Russia during the World Cup. IS-inspired militants and cells with transnational links generate a moderate security risk. For more information, read our advice on what to do in the event of a security incident
  • Government counter terror operations – Russian security services are on alert and will likely conduct anti-terrorist operations ahead of the tournament. These may spill over to the tournament itself


  • Public officials and local police may demand bribes from travellers


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