Staying safe in Bali after the Lombok earthquake

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Who? Jenny Peart

Where? Bali, Indonesia

The situation

Jenny had been planning a trip of a lifetime to Bali with her husband for in August 2018, where only a week or so had experienced a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on Lombok island, killing nearly 100 people and at leaving over 20,000 people homeless.

Her predicament was whether to go ahead with a holiday which she and her husband had been looking forward to for months, and had already paid for, or deciding to stay at home and ensure her safety.

She went with the holiday.

What happened?

Jenny went ahead with her trip, subscribing to CloseCircle to give her and her family at home peace of mind that she had her own virtual bodyguard.

A week later, she felt the first after shock.

Here’s a timeline of events:

  • A week into the holiday, Jenny felt the first after shock from the earthquake
  • Immediately she got a call from the CloseCircle security team back at home and an SMS message

  • Jenny felt a second tremour that took place during the night a couple of days later
  • Again, she received an SMS straight away checking if her and her husband were ok, plus she later received an SMS with further information about the risk of a Tsunami

  • Jenny felt reassured enough to go back to sleep, and woke up the next morning feeling calm and well-rested


How did CloseCircle help?

  • Jenny received information she needed quickly and automatically, without having to search through incorrect information herself
  • The response from CloseCircle was instant and immediately put her and her husband at ease
  • Despite originally not being able to get through to Jenny via phone call, she was then sent an SMS instead which she successfully received
  • Jenny was able to put her family’s minds at rest by passing on relevant information she had

“Even before getting out to Bali, which we knew was unstable, it was reassuring for us and our families knowing that we had access to the Close Circle service should anything happen. Once in Bali and having received the rapid response service from Close Circle when we had several earthquake tremors, it meant we could relax and enjoy our holiday because there was someone looking out for us.  Fantastic service”

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