Staying safe in the aftermath of an incident

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In the immediate aftermath of a security incident, tourists can be especially vulnerable to further, opportunistic threats to their safety.FOLLOWING THE ADVICE BELOW WILL HELP YOU STAY SAFE:

  • In the immediate aftermath, make reasonable attempts to account for other members of your party. If you are in a group, stay together and pool resources
  • In general, avoid the temptation to relocate immediately, without ensuring that the route is clear and informing someone outside of your plans
  • If you do think the route is clear, make your way to the nearest safe location such as your hotel or international hotel or embassy making sure you:
    • Avoid going near the impact area
    • Avoid places where there are likely to be large groups of people which could be a target for secondary attacks e.g. stations, main squares
  • Once at a place of safety, continue to communicate with those you trust. Even when telephone lines are down, email and broadband links sometimes stay in operation
  • If possible continue to monitor news feeds for updates and ideally seek expert advice from your country’s consulate or contact a risk security advisor such as CloseCircle
  • Once you arrive at a place of safety e.g. hotel, move to an area away from the entrance and windows. Continue to monitor the situation via newsfeeds and your risk advisor

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