What to do in the event of a security incident

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For any trip abroad, travellers should be a little more situationally aware, considered and self-reliant than at home. Be prepared to change your plans. Be a responsible tourist.


    • Move quickly and calmly away from the source of the threat, and out of the area
    • Never head towards an incident or disturbance and do not wait to film or photograph the incident
    • The authorities’ response to any threat is likely to be swift and forceful. Move away from the scene of the incident swiftly and without delay. Should you be confronted by the authorities, stay calm and follow their instructions
    • As soon as possible, let someone know if you are safe or in need of assistance. A checklist of those you should contact:
      • Your country’s diplomatic representation in Russia
      • Responsible family member / friend
      • Reliable security risk advisor
    • If you are a CloseCircle member and if it is safe to do so, make an immediate and sustained attempt to contact the CloseCircle Operations team. Swiping SOS in your CloseCircle app is the quickest way to do this. Mobile communications may break down as the volume of traffic increases following an incident
    • If you can, move away from the affected area to a place of safety, such as a major international hotel, diplomatic mission, or hospital
    • If necessary, medical assistance should be sought without delay. Any injured people should be accompanied to hospital. The emergency number to dial in Russia is 112


HOW TO DEAL WITH DIFFERENT SECURITY SCENARIOS DURING WORLD CUP 20181. Dealing with obstruction/delay by Russian authoritiesIn the event that you experience difficulties with Russian Police or Immigration/Customs representatives the following advice is recommended:

  • Stay calm, be patient, do not lose your temper and do not leap to any conclusions as to why you have been stopped/are being questioned
  • Be helpful; explain that a misunderstanding has taken place and propose ways of resolving this through dialogue
  • If you are detained formally you should politely demand to see a representative from your embassy for further assistance
  • Only sign documents if you have read and understood them

CloseCircle members:

  • If permitted, call the Global Operations Team emergency support line on +44 203 948 6842  and you will be provided with advice and support
  • If you are unable to make a call you may be able to send an SMS message to us via the In-App messaging service within the CloseCircle app on your phone
  • Alternatively, activate the SOS button in your CloseCircle app and a member of the Operations Team will call you back within moments to provide assistance

  2. Explosion or suspected terrorist /vehicle attack

  • Find solid cover against any obvious immediate threat and get behind it
  • Immediately look for suitable escape routes
  • If safe to do so, move in short rapid bursts, from cover to cover, out of the danger area
  • Find a safe location e.g. hotel or embassy and only then attempt to communicate
  • Be alert to secondary or follow up attacks

  3. Armed robbery e.g. mugging, carjacking

  • Stay calm and follow orders – even if it means handing over your wallet/handbag or vehicle
  • Avoid making any sudden movements. If you need to move, calmly explain to the attacker/s what you intend to do next and keep your hands visible
  • Don’t resist, fight or challenge the attacker/s unless you believe there is no other option
  • As soon as possible, let someone know you are safe or need assistance e.g. your country’s diplomatic representation, a friend/family member or reliable security provider
  • If you no longer have a phone and are able, walk to the nearest place of safety such as your hotel or an international hotel, embassy etc. to ask for assistance
  • Once you are in a safe location, contact your country’s embassy to report the incident and get advice from them on next steps
  • If you need to make an insurance claim you are likely to need to go to a police station to provide a statement and receive a report / crime number. The embassy will advise you on this

4. Hooligan-instigated riotingTo avoid getting involved in the first place:

  • Maintain a low profile. Dress inconspicuously
  • If trouble begins, remove or cover up your national shirt/kit to avoid unwanted attention
  • Ignore verbal ‘bait’ from passers-by – do not get into an argument – and avoid eye contact with strangers. If you suspect that you are being followed, enter any busy public place and if you believe it is warranted, call for help
  • Limit your alcohol intake: alcohol reduces your level of awareness and impairs judgment. If you are drinking, do so within a group and ensure you return to hotel accommodation with your group
  • Know what is going on around you: accept a threat may exist, be vigilant at your hotel/in transit, be naturally suspicious and have a cautious approach
  • Exercise common sense: trust your intuition. If something feels unusual, make a decision and find safety
  • Get to matches early and allow for bag searches and screening areas – stadiums will have enhanced security measures and restrict vehicular traffic
  • Avoid disputes, demonstrations, political rallies and commotions on the street. Move out of the area immediately
  • Know in advance how to get back to your hotel on foot a couple of different ways

If trouble starts and you are nearby, immediately follow the general advice above for what to do in the event of a security incident

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