Adventure traveller

Explore the unknown without fear for your safety

As you head off for the adventure of a lifetime, thinking about your personal safety can be the last thing on your mind. However, the combination of unfamiliar places, limited resources and communication barriers can make you especially vulnerable.

Any incident where your personal safety is threatened has the potential to ruin an entire trip, despite your best preparations. Nobody expects the worst to happen (and for the most part it doesn’t!) but nightmare scenarios such as extreme weather, civil unrest or terrorist activity and even petty street crime such as pickpocketing and mugging are largely out of your control. If they do strike, you can be left isolated, further at risk and potentially traumatised and penniless.

CloseCircle acts like a virtual bodyguard in your pocket to help prevent you ever getting into dangerous situations, but if you do, it also gives you instant access to emergency support and rescue.

CloseCircle empowers you to travel further into the unknown without fear for your safety.

How we help you

Immediate expert help

Instant help to anyone under threat such as from robbery, carjacking, terrorism or natural disaster

In-app panic button

In-app SOS button instantly connects you to security experts who know where you are

Free evacuation from disasters

If necessary we will send in private security to safely evacuate you out of danger, free of charge

Global Tracking & Monitoring
Avoid threats to your safety with up-to-the-minute travel alerts and advice direct to your phone
Travel support & advice

Contact British ex-military security experts 24/7 for advice and guidance in any situation

Keep Family Reassured

Loved-ones can track your location and safety status anywhere in the world


Cyclone in the South Pacific
February 2016 - Cyclone Winston, tore through the Pacific leaving dozens of people dead and tens of thousands homeless and without water. A European student undertaking fieldwork in Fiji was caught up in the devastation, sustaining several minor injuries and losing most of her possessions.

We immediately answered her emergency call for help, mobilising our global network of local security experts. We sent a male consultant and a female chaperone on a challenging journey over land and by air to reach the remote village where the student had taken shelter. On reaching our client they assessed her medical condition, and then escorted her across the archipelago, and safely onto an international flight home.

At all times we kept her family updated and her welfare our priority. At no extra cost, we kept our customer safe.
Carjacking in South Africa
In March 2018 a customer in South Africa was carjacked - all valuables were stolen, and one person violently assaulted.>Terrified and traumatised, our customer swiped the SOS panic-button and received an immediate call from our 24/7 security operations centre.

It contacted the local police and ambulance who arrived within minutes, and further arranged for a private security team to escort the group for the rest of their journey in the country.

We organised their direct flight back to the UK and the group were safely home, less than 48 hours after the attack, having had to pay nothing extra for their rescue and evacuation.
Murder and flooding in Central Asia
In July 2018 a group of young travellers set off on the adventure of a life time to drive 10,000 miles from London through central Asia to Ulan Ude in central Russia, as part of the Mongol Rally charity event. CloseCircle monitored the team throughout their epic journey, and regularly sent location-based alerts to tell them to avoid potential serious dangers.

These included: the murder of four foreign cyclists on the Pamir highway in Tajikistan that they were about to cross. On receiving the alert, the group notified the whole rally and together they ensured that the rally travelled in convoy over the mountains for better security.

later, as they approached Mongolia, CloseCircle proactively warned them of floods in the north of the country which would make their planned route much harder to pass. So they changed their route to go through the centre of the country and avoided all flooding and the associated disruption/safety threats.
Mugging in Mexico
In January 2017 our operations team responded to an emergency call to help three US nationals who had been attacked and robbed in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. They were left traumatised and vulnerable, without any travel documents.

We arranged for them to be collected in San Luis Potosi by a vetted protection officer, and driven swiftly and securely to the US Consulate in Guadalajara. Here, they were able to collect emergency travel documents, ahead of boarding an international flight home to the US.

At all times during the rescue and evacuation they were protected by trained security experts and incurred no extra costs to their trip whatsoever.
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