LGBTQ Travel

Your virtual personal bodyguard keeping you safe wherever in the world you travel

Travel away from home presents risks for everyone. For LGBTQ and gender and sexual diversity travellers, there are additional concerns about safety and acceptance that many non-LGBTQ travellers simply don’t have to consider.

CloseCircle acts like a virtual bodyguard in your pocket to help you plan where to go and prevent you ever getting into dangerous situations. And if the worst does happen CloseCircle also gives you instant access to emergency support and rescue… at no extra cost.

How we help you

Immediate expert help

Instant help to anyone under threat such as from robbery, carjacking, terrorism or natural disaster

In-app panic button

In-app SOS button instantly connects you to security experts who know where you are

Free evacuation from disasters

If necessary we will send in private security to safely evacuate you out of danger, free of charge

Global Tracking & Monitoring
Avoid threats to your safety with up-to-the-minute travel alerts and advice direct to your phone
Travel support & advice

Contact British ex-military security experts 24/7 for advice and guidance in any situation

Keep Family Reassured

Loved-ones can track your location and safety status anywhere in the world


Carjacking in South Africa
In March 2018 a customer in South Africa was carjacked - all valuables were stolen, and one person violently assaulted.>Terrified and traumatised, our customer swiped the SOS panic-button and received an immediate call from our 24/7 security operations centre.

It contacted the local police and ambulance who arrived within minutes, and further arranged for a private security team to escort the group for the rest of their journey in the country.

We organised their direct flight back to the UK and the group were safely home, less than 48 hours after the attack, having had to pay nothing extra for their rescue and evacuation.
Hurricane in the Caribbean
For one US couple, a once in a lifetime Caribbean trip, turned into the ultimate holiday nightmare during Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Despite surviving the initial storm, reports of violent looting and the imminent arrival of a second hurricane, spread further panic amongst locals and holidaymakers.

The airport was closed and our clients were isolated and terrified. We implemented immediate crisis response including calls with a security expert who provided real-time advice on how to stay safe. We were able to get our clients aboard the only passenger cruise ship available and back to safety, within 48 hours.

During the same time, the US consulate was unable to arrange evacuations and the international airport took a further three days to re-open.
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