Vulnerable Traveller Support

Your virtual personal bodyguard keeping you safe wherever in the world you travel

Thanks to globalisation, international travel has become an everyday occurrence for many. Yet, this freedom of movement masks the cultural, legal and infrastructural challenges faced by certain, vulnerable groups of traveller – including female travellers, the LGBTQ community and those with a disability.

Our team of experts are responsible for ensuring the safety of more than 15 million lives each day and possess decades of experience between them. By joining CloseCircle we can help you to plan around risks to your safety before you travel, as well as provide you with 24/7 emergency response should a crisis occur.

How we help you

Pre-travel support & advice
24/7 advice and guidance from specially trained security experts
Immediate expert help
Instant help to anyone feeling at risk, whatever the threat, wherever the location
In-app panic button

In-app SOS button instantly connects to security experts who know your exact location

Free evacuation from disasters
If necessary we send in private security to safely evacuate you out of danger, free of charge
Global Tracking & Monitoring
Avoid threats to your safety with up-to-the-minute travel alerts and advice direct to your phone
Keep Family Reassured

Loved-ones can track your location and safety status anywhere in the world


Cyclone in the South Pacific
February 2016 - Cyclone Winston, tore through the Pacific leaving dozens of people dead and tens of thousands homeless and without water. A European student undertaking fieldwork in Fiji was caught up in the devastation, sustaining several minor injuries and losing most of her possessions.

We immediately answered her emergency call for help, mobilising our global network of local security experts. We sent a male consultant and a female chaperone on a challenging journey over land and by air to reach the remote village where the student had taken shelter. On reaching our client they assessed her medical condition, and then escorted her across the archipelago, and safely onto an international flight home.

At all times we kept her family updated and her welfare our priority. At no extra cost, we kept our customer safe.
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